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The Idea


Desert or North Pole or Grassland or World of Clouds or this or that… There are no limits in the imagination of children and also not when it comes to designing the levels of the game.


Extraditable as package
”Journey of the Giants“

Heat, sun, 40 degrees

The desert is a dangerous place. all living things no matter if plant, animal or human being, everyone needs water to survive. It is the children's task to push the clouds above the dried up trees to create big havens and to revitalize the desert!

North Pole

Extraditable as package
”Journey of the Giants“

The North Pole in danger!

Seals are being hunted and captured by money-hungry trappers. The children have to push the trappers over the ice into the cold water in order to save the seals.


Extraditable as package
”Journey of the Giants

Forest protection at
the grassland.

The grassland is being threatened! Ruthless companies sent out their mechanical diggers to log all the trees. Therefor the residents of grassland asked the giants for help to stop the diggers. To regenerate the stricken woods the giants are need to plant new trees with their shades.

Wolrd of Clouds

Extraditable as package
”Journey of the Giants“

Through the clouds

After finishing each level gold coins can be picked up at the gold fountain. Afterwards the children can play a little sidestep game to loosen up. The kids have to avoid to get hit by the air traffic and crash flying objects. As a sideline skilled players can also collect our gold coins!

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How does the bloodstream of human beings work? What happens at a container port? How does an airport work? Why does a car drive? Teaching children processes in a playful way does not only have a lasting effect but also is a lot fun. Contact us to talk about your "Journey of the Giants" for your individual needs.

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In detail

  1. 1

    Get your bracelet

    To take part in the game the giant (the child) has to get a bracelet. With this bracelet the gold coins can be collected. Important: The ”Journey of the Giants“ also works without the bracelet. This way the collecting of personal gold coins is cancelled.

  2. 2

    Solving problems together

    Within the four different levels the giants have to fulfill different tasks. Thereby it is important to know that the giants get more gold coins if they work together.

  3. 3

    Collecting gold coins

    The collected gold coins can be picked up after every entire round of the game at the gold fountain. They are being saved on the bracelet.

  4. 4

    Cashing in the scores

    Did a giant make a certain amount of gold coins, he can be rewarded. Our system allows an easy handling of the distribution of little rewards.